Coupling between steel bars
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The BARTEC reinforcing bar end system is a patented cold-upsetting and threading process that guarantees an ultimate tensile strength of the bar connection larger than that of the parent bar. The BARTEC system uses isometric parallel threads, so its mechanical performance in compression equals that in tension. The BARTEC is the easiest way of connecting two bars that cannot be turned, a feature known as "position splicing". The BARTEC system conveniently uses the same coupler to do standard splices and position splices. The difference between both splices is limited to the length of the thread done on the bar. Same couple is used for steel of Grade 60 or Grade 75. For special applications in assembly of cages BARTEC bridging couple is the best solution. This system helps in fast assembly of columns and allows horizontal and vertical tolerance in distance between bars. The system was successfully used in very critical situations such as very congested steel of MATAF project where time and tolerance where very crucial in the project construction schedule.

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